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Why Choose Kinkara For Your Transformational Retreat?

At Kinkára Luxury Retreat, we understand that crafting a truly transformative retreat requires more than just a venue; it demands an environment infused with the right energy and magic. We value the mastery and expertise of the facilitators, and know that’s usually where you really want to put your time and energy: Into the experience to serve your community.

Move Beyond Traditional Event Spaces

Unique Acommodations

Transformative journeys begin with restorative sleeps. Our 31 plush Lotus Belle tents, set among three Villages, provide an unparalleled connection to nature. Signature Premium tents for 2 and Deluxe Premium tents for 4, each crafted with hardwood furniture, sumptuous mattresses, and organic cotton linens, offer a comfortable sanctuary for participants.

Culinary Delights

Nourish the soul with our locally sourced, diverse cuisine. Our chef crafts menus inspired by Latin American, Asian, Italian, Middle Eastern, and Fusion flavors, ensuring a culinary journey that complements the transformative nature of your retreat. We want to make sure your tribe has no need to leave the premises because they have all their needs met here.

Testimonials & Reviews

Kinkara is amazing! The team created such flow, It was the best place to celebrate and dance in the New Year 2024! We stayed in the beautiful garden, with nature all around. The staff bring such love and joy! The food and drink is exquisite. The dance space perfect. I'll revisit the land again soon. It’s one of a kind.

Stephen A

I highly recommend Kinkara for the incredible land that it is on. They have developed a sustainable ecosystem that grows all the food that is prepared by the amazing chef and staff. It's a true back-to-nature, back-to-self experience with lush gardens, a river, horses, birds. Staff was kind and attentive, and service was excellent.

Matt N
Everything was so well thought out- from a refreshing welcome drink to delicious, organic meals to relaxing open air showers. I couldn't recommend this place highly enough and can't wait to go back as soon as possible! A big thank you to the staff for making the 3 day stay so wonderful.
Sylvie D
Kinkara is absolutely breathtaking. I've never experienced an experience so immersed in nature but with such modern amenities. There is truly nothing like it! The food is 5-star quality and the staff is absolutely amazing - constantly over delivering and looking to make your stay one to remember. I can't wait to go back!
Jacob K
We had an amazing time here. The facilities are beautiful, the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. The food was a highlight for our family. They skillfully catered to all our dietary requirements, even gluten-free and vegan, making delicious and healthy meals. Our nine-year-old is still talking about the food weeks later!
Monica G

Natural Sanctuary

Connection and Integration

If Kinkara's values of connection, togetherness, belonging and transformation align with your mission, let’s help you create your ideal environment that amplifies the impact of your retreat. Our spaces foster easy and genuine connections among participants, enhancing the transformative journey. Whether your guests need quiet time alone, or social connection, there’s always somewhere to suit everyone’s needs.

Kinkára Luxury Retreat

Experience the transformative allure of Kinkára through our captivating videos. The first, a mesmerizing aerial journey, unveils our 800-acre sanctuary nestled at the base of Mt. Chirripó, showcasing the tranquil slopes, jungle vistas, and hidden waterfalls that define our natural haven. The second video invites you to explore our experiential venues, unique accommodations, diverse culinary delights, and the genuine connections fostered within our spaces. Just as we value the expertise of facilitators in crafting life-altering experiences, these videos encapsulate the energy and magic that make Kinkara the ideal backdrop for your transformative retreat.
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