Kinkára Family Retreat
July 14 – 20

Are you ready for the most memorable family get-away with bonding, in nature and adventure?

Dive into an exhilarating week-long escapade set amidst the enchanting landscapes of Kinkara. Immersed in nature, share thrilling adventures, and experience family bonding like never before!
Join us from 1 day or the full week between July 14 - 20 for a one-of-a-kind experience meticulously designed to ignite your senses, spark connections, and create meaningful memories with your loved ones. Unwind, revitalize, and forge unforgettable bonds, where every moment is a celebration of family, nature, and the extraordinary.

Secure your place now for an adventure that defies the ordinary!

Why our retreat stands out from the rest

Relish exceptional culinary offerings and find a perfect equilibrium between education, enjoyment, and relaxation. This retreat is open to parents and children, spanning all ages. Elevate your family's experience with a retreat that seamlessly blends playfulness, enrichment, and personalized leisure.
This retreat takes into consideration recognised and powerful tools and experiences that are used to enhance family bonds and health and wellbeing.
We put very specific activities into our program that will leave your family reconnected in ways you won’t find elsewhere.

Join our family retreat

Acknowledging that our children are not only the future but also the next generation of creativity and vision, the Kinkára Family Retreat goes beyond recognizing their journey of self-discovery. We understand the profound need for parents to evolve alongside their children, emphasizing the vital importance of cultivating lasting connections. Whether you join us for 1 day or a full week, this immersive experience becomes a gateway for self-reconnection, enabling parents to not only understand but actively participate in their children's growth. By fostering a deeper bond, this retreat serves as a foundation for a robust family connection. Embrace timeless experiences carefully curated to support great well-being, bonding and fun, ensuring that the memories created extend far beyond the retreat itself. Join us in crafting memories that will echo on in your family. It’s time for you, the parents to embrace the credit you deserve, let us take care of all the details so you can enjoy the ease and full presence of each other like never before.

Immersive activities & sessions

Included in the package:
  • Arts and crafts workshops
  • Waterfall treks
  • Athletics and games
  • Bonfires and live music
  • Authentic relating workshop
  • Treasure hunts
  • Movement & yoga classes
  • Learning workshops (Chess, Rubix Cube, knot-tying and more)

Designed with family in mind:

This retreat is meticulously crafted for parents who:
  • Crave rejuvenation and a reset amidst nature, in the company of their families
  • Yearn for a profound connection within themselves and with their children.
  • Delight in the embrace of nature, seeking solace and inspiration.
  • Aspire to elevate their lifestyle, fostering stronger family bonds.
  • Embrace openness to innovative ways of connecting within their community.
  • Find joy in activities like hiking, dancing, and cultivating deep familial connections.

Unlock an enhanced family future:

By the end of the retreat, participants will emerge:
  • Inspired, with fresh perspectives to deepen connections within their families.
  • Renewed, resetting habits, and healthy practices and communication tools.
  • Endowed with life-changing skills that transcend the individual, resonating within the entire family.
  • Integrated into a supportive community, sharing common values and forming deeper connections with like-minded families.
  • Equipped with the tools and insights necessary to enhance your family life.

What’s included in your retreat package:

  • Accommodations: 7 days and 6 nights in luxurious bell tent accommodations.
  • Daily Bonding sessions: Daily sessions designed for self-discovery and strengthening family bonds.
  • Exciting Adventures: Immerse yourself in a variety of adventure activities to add excitement to your retreat.
  • Exclusive Access to Nature: Explore private waterfalls and rivers through invigorating nature hikes.

Tailored investment options

Signature Tent
Max 2 people
$170per night
Deluxe Tent
Max 4 people
$200per night
Day Pass
Day Pass
From a 1 day pass to a full week, choose how many days you would like to join

Not included: Flights to Costa Rica – Gratuities – Travel insurance – Meals

Activities Schedule

Testimonials & Reviews

Family Retreat at Kinkara exceeded our expectations, offering a transformative retreat that left lasting impressions on our family. The combination of education and exploration created a unique atmosphere for growth and play. The sound healing journey and bonfires with live music added a magical touch to the experience. The retreat provided practical practices for fostering deeper connections within our family, leaving us inspired and rested. Kinkara's natural wonders served as the perfect backdrop for a week of joy, learning, and shared moments. A heartfelt recommendation to families seeking to embrace the Pura Vida way of life.

Dennis Wells

Our family's experience at Kinkara's Family Retreat was a week of nature-infused bliss. From exploring hidden treasures during the treasure hunts to dancing in the jungle during ecstatic playshops, every day was an adventure. The luxury bell tent accommodations and gourmet local meals added a touch of comfort to our immersive experience. We left Kinkara with not just memories but a sense of community, newfound inspiration, and a deeper connection with our children. An investment well worth making for any family seeking a reset in the embrace of nature.

Michelle Harris

Our family's week at Kinkara's Family Retreat was a profound journey of renewal and connection. From heartwarming authentic relating sessions to the magic of storytelling under the stars, every moment felt like a gift. The activities catered to both parents and kids, and the jungle ecstatic dance playshops were pure joy. The retreat not only left us inspired and rejuvenated but equipped with practical tools for deeper family connections. The community we found there was a bonus – like-minded families sharing values and creating lasting bonds. Pura Vida indeed!

Jenkins Family
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