Host your Retreat at Kinkára

Are you a retreat organizer or yoga teacher
looking for a perfect place to host your
next all-inclusive retreat in Costa Rica?

A Magnificent Location.

This is your invitation to host your uniquely designed retreat in the
foothills of Costa Rica's Talamanca mountain range. Kinkara Luxury Retreat
is a magnificent landscape that unfolds as a testament to biodiversity and
reverence for these precious ancient lands. The Mandala Garden, adorned
with a rich variety of flowers and plants, stands as a sanctuary for pollinators,
insects, and hummingbirds.The Talamanca Mountains holds a powerful energy
that hums with the wisdom of the land. Guided by permaculture principles,
Kinkara seamlessly integrates this respect for nature and the ancestors into
every aspect of the retreat, ensuring a sustainable and harmonious coexistence
with these gorgeous surroundings.

Our Movement, Yoga and Workshop Space

Step into El Moran, our circular portal for transformation! Our sheltered
open air yoga and dance space breathes the life of nature into your
experience, we have automatic blinds for extra covering and privacy
if needed, and beautiful bamboo ceilings and lighting. The circle shape
creates the geometric flow suited for many yoga and wellness experiences.
Our floor space is 20 square meters, comfortably accommodating 40
people dancing liberally. And can hold approx 50 people for a standard yoga
or dance set up. Yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, blankets and extra equipment
are available for you to use for various styles. We have filtered water
available inside, which is always kept topped up for your guests.

Our Acommodations

Our accommodations at Kinkàra Luxury Retreat are not your average rooms,
we feature a selection of Premium Lotus Belle tents and Deluxe Lotus Belle tents.
These luxurious tents, designed for deep, rejuvenating slumber, offer
a unique blend of comfort and sustainability. Immerse yourself in rooms
designed for your utmost comfort with premium bedding, featuring amenities
such as Wi-Fi, fan, lighting and power for all your electrical gear. Allow
the natural beauty of the surroundings to captivate you as you indulge
in nature watching from the private deck of your Lotus Belle tent,
surrounded by verdant gardens. Kinkàra ensures an exclusive experience,
with reservations available for one group at a time, meaning the place is
all yours, fostering an intimate ambiance for up to 50 guests on-site.
This setting is perfect for creating cherished memories and fostering connections.

Communal Space,
Fire Pit & Sweat Lodge

As part of your retreat you will have full reign over our communal spaces,
Casa Bulú is our vibrant communal hub, seamlessly blending a relaxed
indoor space with a playful deck area great for having great conversations
over coffee or tea. From sunrise to sunset, it's a haven for unwinding and
fostering connections, complemented by relaxing swinging chairs on the
deck against the backdrop of the Talamanca horizon. As night falls, the
Fire Pit becomes a captivating gathering spot under the stars for sharing
stories and reflections. Down by the river, we have the traditionally built
Temazcal-inspired Sweat Lodge, with the option of organising a transformative
ceremony around the volcanic rocks rooted in ancient wisdom. Together,
these spaces can blend your retreat seamlessly for comfort, connection,
and nature's wonders.


Dedicated to sourcing food directly from local farms and our own
lovingly tended gardens, we employ sustainable, biodynamic, and/or
permaculture methods of agriculture. Our commitment to a farm-to-table
experience goes beyond providing satisfying meals; it pays homage to
every individual involved in the process. By supporting local farmers,
producers, and suppliers who share our values, we actively contribute to
the vitality of our ecosystem, economy, community, and environment.
Our meals are thoughtfully crafted to accommodate various dietary requirements,
featuring gluten-free options for those with preferences or restrictions.
Under the expertise of our world-class chef, we offer three exquisite meals
per day. Thoughtfully selecting high-quality, fresh ingredients is our pride,
ensuring each bite fuels the energy of vibrant individuals.

Our Commitment and Values

Whether you're envisioning a yoga retreat, training, adventurous escape,
or relaxation, our retreat center is dedicated to your unique journey. Our
commitment extends beyond providing exceptional facilities; we offer
personalized support at every turn. From sharing our practical expertise
to assisting with travel coordination, meals, and group excursions, we
strive to ensure a seamless and fulfilling retreat experience for you and
your guests. At the core of our values lie connection, bonding, togetherness,
and transformation. We believe in fostering a sense of community and
transformational experiences, sourcing locally to contribute to the environment,
economy, and community. Your journey is our priority, and our commitment is
to make it both enriching and effortlessly successful.

Connect with our Retreat Coordinator

Please take a moment to fill out our initial booking form to set the wheels in motions.
You will then be connected with our retreat coordinator to support you further and discuss pricing and available dates to craft your retreat with us. If you have any additional questions. you may contact us at and we'll be happy to assist.
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Testimonials & Reviews

Kinkara is absolutely breathtaking. I've never experienced an experience so immersed in nature but with such modern amenities. There is truly nothing like it! The food is incredible, five-star quality, and I couldn't have enjoyed the food more. The staff is absolutely amazing - constantly over delivering and looking to make your stay one to remember. I can't wait to go back!
Jacob K
We had the most amazing time here. The facilities are beautiful, the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. The food was probably the highlight for our family. They were able to make the most delicious and healthy food while still accommodating all of our unusual dietary requirements. Even our nine-year-old is still talking about the food a couple weeks later!
Monica G

We stayed here for 5 days and loved it! Three things stand out about this place: the food, the service, and the views! I know everyone says it, but the food at Kinkara is incredible. I don't think you'll find anything like it in the area. It's an inspired combination of local cuisine and fine dining. Highly recommend getting the lunch/dinner package.

Mark B
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