Sustainable Living: Nurturing Local Excellence

Cultivating Local Excellence at The Farm

At Kinkara, our commitment to sustainable living extends from our personal lush farm to other farms and producers nearby. Nestled in organic-certified land, most of our greens and vegetables are grown on-site, and we have an abundance of herbs and special ingredients in our Mandala Garden, a vibrant sanctuary designed for both visual allure and ecological harmony. A variety of flowers and plants, chosen to support pollinators and local wildlife paint a colorful canvas. We embody our farm-to-everywhere philosophy. The safety of the environment and the support of its natural vibrancy are paramount in our pursuit of all round excellence.

Sustainable Living Supporting Our Local Community

Sustainability is not just a commitment; it's a way of life. We break
new ground in sustainable and regenerative practices, ensuring our
designs, day-to-day operations, and community engagement contribute
to restoring the balance of our people and planet. We go beyond sourcing
and hiring; we are dedicated to preserving and uplifting our community
and natural surroundings. Nearly 100% of our team, the food we serve,
and the wood we use for furnishings are local. Staying and working with
us means not just experiencing luxury but actively contributing to the
well-being of the local environment.

Sustainable Touch: Luxury with a Green Heart

Sustainability is ingrained in every aspect of our retreat's design.
From the hardwood floors crafted at our woodshop using sustainable
timber to the solar-powered lighting in our tents, every choice reflects
our commitment to a greener future. The efforts continue in our kitchen,
reducing plastic waste by over 90% and innovating our way towards
becoming a waste-free destination. Experience a harmonious blend of
luxury and nature at Kinkara Luxury Retreat, where The Farm and our
commitment to sustainable living converge into a unique, unforgettable journey.
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